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DTY Asesores Asesores is a Firm specialized in Taxes founded by Jesús María Díaz de Terán and Ángel Luis Yerpes Marín. Both have broad experience and knowledge of tax law. During their career they have assisted all kind of companies in different industries and sectors, as well as individuals, in order to optimize their tax position.

We always offer all our clients a highly qualified service in order to find the best solutions based on a case by case study of their tax position.

DTY ASESORES always take care of its client´s interests in order to avoid that tax matters could be an obstacle to the consecution of their commercial goals.


Our services services

General Tax Services

We assist our client to fulfill their goals based on the Tax Legislation in force.

Taxes could become an issue in the day to day activities of the economic operators. DTY Asesores will assist you to solve any tax matter irrespectively of the Tax Administration involved and the complexity of it.

We have broad experience concerning all kind of tax procedures either before the Spanish Tax Authorities or Courts.

We advise non-resident entities interested in carrying out economic activities in Spain as well as non-resident individuals that for different reasons are affected by Spanish Tax Law.

Indirect Taxes Services

(VAT and other indirect taxes)

Indirect taxes are becoming a key element of the international and national tax structure DTY Asesores has broad experience, advising established and non-established entities.

DTY Asesores could provide advice concerning any kind of transactions and economic sector.

We could advise you in order to comply with your indirect taxes obligations outside Spain as well.

We could advise you in order to comply with your indirect taxes obligations outside Spain as well.

Our values

DTY Asesores Asesores offers a highly specialized service in a complex and very demanding field.

Based on their expirience and knowledge, DTY Asesores offers the best advice in any transaction that could be affected by taxes.

DTY Asesores provides answer to each issue with honesty, professionalism and with a practical approach. Consequently, we can offer our clients real solutions that are always in line with the tax law in force.

Why us?

At DTY Asesores we offer a highly specialized service, focused on the specific problems that could arise in the tax field.

Our proactivity allows us to anticipate any tax problems that may arise. Through a rigorous analysis of each situation we offer viable solutions adjusted to the law in force so that you could focus on achieving your goals.

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