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Ángel L. Yerpes

Lawyer, member of the BAR association of Madrid, Master in Taxes by the Centro de Estudios Financieros.

During the last 15 years he has worked as head of taxes of several Law Firms. Most part of his professional career has been dedicted to assist that companies could be in position to fulfill their tax goals. He has also broad experience re inheritance law, consequently he has been in position to assist, many clients, individuals, to tax optimize their wealth.

His knowledge and experience in several areas has permitted him to intervene in transactions such as, among other: restructuring, company successions and advise to large wealth owners.

Jesús María Díaz de Terán López

Bachelor´s degree in Law by the Universidad Europea de Madrid and Master on Taxation by Instituto de Empresa.

Jesús has broad experience in the tax field. He has worked during the most relevant part of his professional career in the indirect taxes department of PwC Spain.

Besides, Jesús has been part of Orange Spain´s Tax Department, being, among others obligations, in charge of CIT of the Group in Spain and most VAT related issues that could arise in the day to day activities of the Group in Spain. Therefore, he has deep knowledge of direct taxation and telecom´s tax particularities as well.